Torsten Foertsch wrote:
> Hi,
> I have looked through
> for a list of variables available for @@ substitution. After that I thought
> the best documentation is the code and found in this
> function:
> sub apply_take1 {
> my($self, $c, $directive) = @_;
> if (exists $self->{vars}->{lc $directive}) {
> #override replacement @Variables@
> $self->{vars}->{lc $directive} = $c->{$directive};
> }
> else {
> $self->spec_add_config($directive, qq("$c->{$directive}"));
> }
> }
> Am I right that all variables from $self->{vars} can be used in @@
> substitution? The next step would be to look a t/conf/
> which variables that are.

I actually had the exact same question last week. it is documented in
Apache::TestConfig, but I'll admit it's not an intuitive place to look
(nor are the steps suggested there very welcoming). grep for 'Special
Placeholders' in

> Wouldn't it be better to have a list with a short explanation in the
> testing.html document?

patches welcome, of course.

> My actual question was whether I can use @t_conf@. I think the answer is yes
> but the way to get it is too complicated.

yes, and yes

I was actually looking to use src_dir, which apparently caused things to
blow up - the substitution code dies when you use a variable that isn't
defined. I started looking into fixing it but, well, other things