lists user wrote:
> 1. Do you run common web program under modperl handlers? or just run
> them under Registry?
> For me I mostly wrote web scripts with CGI methods like using
> and CGI::Session, and run them under Modperl::Registry.
> I don't know if there's a site which is fully run by pure modperl
> handlers, not the registry scripts.

Depends on what you want to do. New applications are usually written as handlers
since they perform a little bit better. But if you need to have something run
under both mod_perl and CGI then you use Registry scripts.

> 2. I heard that Apache:BI will break the entire database sometime,
> is it true? When will we use or not use Apache:BI?

Where did you hear that? Apache:BI doesn't do anything except give you
persistent database handles. How can that "break the entire database"?
Sounds like someone had a bug and blamed it on Apache:BI...

Michael Peters
Plus Three, LP