Dear All,

I'm trying to install the module Math::Pari under windows platform. But it
is giving error.

C:\usr\cpan\build\Math-Pari-2.010701>perl Makefile.PL
Did not find GP/PARI build directory around.
Do you want to me to fetch GP/PARI automatically?
(If you do not, you will need to fetch it manually, and/or direct me to
the directory with GP/PARI source via the command-line option
Make sure you have a large scrollback buffer to see the messages.
Fetch? (y/n, press Enter) y
Getting GP/PARI from
Cannot create FTP object: Unknown error at utils/Math/ line 190,
DIN> line 1.

Can't fetch file with Net::FTP, now trying with LWP::UserAgent...
Can't fetch directory listing from
/: 500 LWP::Protocol::MyFTP: connect: Unknown error
Client-Date: Thu, 27 Dec 2007 09:40:36 GMT


Could any body tell how to install this module?

Thanx in advance

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