>>>>> On Tue, 25 Dec 2007 10:47:48 -0800, "Philippe M. Chiasson" said:

> Andreas J. Koenig wrote:
>>>>>>> On Mon, 24 Dec 2007 15:07:20 -0800, "Philippe M. Chiasson" said:

>> >> I then changed directory to apache.../src/modules/perl/ and did a
>> >> 'make libperl.a', which did compile one for me. Then I switched back
>> >> to mod_perl directory and retried a 'make' and indeed this finished
>> >> without error.

>> > Most likely caused by not having done

>> > $> make clean

>> > before trying again. When not doing that, src/modules/perl under apache/src
>> > will not be correctly re-generated.

>> Nope, it's really some fight between Linux and Cygwin for the right of
>> way.

> Are you building this on Windows/Cygwin then ?

No, I'm building on Linux. The thing that seems to have broken the
linux gears is related to a patch that turns "so" into "dll" for
cygwin but at the same time conflicts with linux' use of the LIBEXT
macro which establishes a dependency on libperl.a. Your second attempt
then removed the conflict but at the same time removed the dependency
on the libperl.a completely. So then I had a libperl.a rule that was
never invoked because the dependency was gone. My last patch "fixes"
that for linux but makes no sense to you:-(

>> I can make it work with this one line change but I don't know how
>> much of your expectations are undermined by it:
>> --- apaci/Makefile.tmpl~ 2007-12-25 05:28:23.448665692 +0100
>> +++ apaci/Makefile.tmpl 2007-12-25 05:28:36.567058818 +0100
>> @@ -37,7 +37,7 @@
>> ##
>> # the library to build
>> -MP_LIB=libperl.$(MP_LIBEXT)
>> +MP_LIB=libperl.$(LIBEXT)
>> # the objects to use
>> MP_OBJS=\
>> Makes any sense?

> Not much sense, no...

> In your case, what does MP_LIBEXT end up being ?

From what I can see in the code it can only be "so" but I wonder why I
do not see it expanded in any file. In my apache directory I grep

# grep -r MP_LIBEXT .
../src/modules/perl/Makefile.tmpl:libperl.$(MP_LIBEXT): $(MP_OBJS_PIC)
../src/modules/perl/Makefile.tmpl: $(APXS) -i -a -n perl libperl.$(MP_LIBEXT)
../src/modules/perl/configure:echo "MP_LIBEXT=$my_soext" >>$my_makefileconf
../src/modules/perl/Makefile:libperl.$(MP_LIBEXT): $(MP_OBJS_PIC)
../src/modules/perl/Makefile: $(APXS) -i -a -n perl libperl.$(MP_LIBEXT)

I get the impression that src/modules/perl/configure is not being run
for whatever reason.

Let me know if I can try further things out.