Hi John,

John ORourke wrote:
> Cookie names are unique to a given domain (the domain which can
> optionally be explicitly set using $cookie->domain ) - if you write
> another cookie with the same name and domain and path it'll overwrite
> the previous one.

Ah, thanks for this! I guess I had a bug somewhere and I was setting
the cookie from two different files and the default path in both cases
were different because I didn't explicitly state it. I've done that
now, and as you said, only one appears in the browser. Thanks!

>> $r->err_headers_out->add ("Set-Cookie" => $cookie->as_string);

> Fine, that's basically what the bake() method does. I made a subclass
> of APR::Request::Cookie which included some hacks - try these:

I see. Thanks for the suggestion! I thought one was better than the
other, but whatever gets the job done?

Since duplicates aren't allowed, I guess I don't have to get the cookie,
change the date, and send it. I can just send a new one with a negative
or 0 date. Whether or not the cookie was there in the first place, the
result is that there won't be one. Thanks!