Hi all,

Sorry, but I'm not entirely sure if this is relevant to modperl...

I was wondering if it was possible to delete cookies. I read that using
Javascript, cookies can be deleted by setting it to a time in the past.
I'm not sure how to do it in Mason, though. I think I know how to get a
cookie and also to set a new one and send it out. But, I don't know how
to get an old cookie, change it, and send it back. Or even, get a
cookie, *copy it*, send the copy back. What is stopping the browser
from creating a second cookie with the same name?

Also, I've seen various ways of setting cookies. For example, one using
APR::Request::Cookie and another using Apache2::Cookie. Which should I
use? I'm setting a cookie by doing:

$r->err_headers_out->add ("Set-Cookie" => $cookie->as_string);

where $cookie is of type APR::Request::Cookie. Is this strange? (I
forgot what I read to come up with this...most other documents mention a
"bake" method...)