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Andreas J. Koenig wrote:
>>>>>> On Fri, 21 Dec 2007 23:36:53 -0800, "Philippe M. Chiasson"> said:
> >

> Wow, what a fast release, thanks!
> But sorry, nope, it doesn't work on my linux box.

Sorry to hear that.

> The apache Configure on my box sets my LIBEXT to "a" which is indeed
> what I always wanted to have. So the rules for "so" were correct as
> they were written and I do not know if they ever were invoked. The
> result of the 1.31 build is that the httpsd in the end is only 0.5 MB
> instead of 1.7 MB and it doesn't start either.
> I'm unable to tell what exactly needs fixing. Does my description help?=

Yes, but I'd like to try reproducing this myself.

Can you tell me:

$> perl -V:config_args

As well as the version of httpd you are trying against, as well as how
it was built/configured.

Same thing for mod_perl.

Getting the exact argument you used to build/configure these might allow
me to reproduce, and hopefully, to fix as well.


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