Boysenberry Payne wrote:
> I only ask because I tried a $r->status(Apache2::Const::OK) and got a
> 500 returned in the header
> even though my handler returned with Apache::Const::OK also...
> To avoid the 500 header I had to do $r->status(200); I imagine the
> status code isn't going to change
> too soon, so I ought to be okay, right?

I believe in this situation what you want is
$r->status(Apache::Const::HTTP_OK). HTTP_OK and OK are not the same
thing at all.

>> This isn't exactly a "list" of them, but it might point you in the
>> right direction. They're buried pretty well, it seems.

> Yeah, I figured it was in c, I stopped at the package....
> Thanks,
> Boysenberry