The error log only says what it can't find which is the table it's
trying to query from the database (because of course it's querying the
wrong database). The $ENV{PROXY_BIND} variable should be setting it to
the proper database which it's not.. The problem is when I do a warn
using within the PerlAccessHandler module of warn("$ENV{PROXY_BIND}")
it returns nothing. It's set to the following in apache2 startup script.

SetEnv PTS_PROXY_BIND_HOST localhost

Now if I don't use PerlAccessHandler, the warn returns 'localhost' like
it should.

Two questions:
1. Does the $ENV variables not get passed if you're using PerlAccessHandler?
2. Should I be using something else instead of this (i.e.
PerlAuthzHandler)? The reason I ask is because I'm doing all of the
access and authentication and redirection in the PerlAccessHandler.


Adam Prime wrote:
> What does the error_log say?
> Adam
> Tad Johnston wrote:
>> I'm having problems trying to use an access handler within
>> mod_perl2. If I have it in the conf file it returns a 500 Internal
>> Server Error and if I don't include the PerlAccessHandler line, it
>> runs the page just fine. What's happening is when it is turned on my
>> $ENV for my proxy gets set to a different host. If it's turned on,
>> the $ENV for the proxy is sent to the appropriate host. I do have a
>> couple REDIRECT in the conf file, but they all direct to the same
>> server. Anyone have any ideas?
>> Tad


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