Quick response on one of your errors. Not sure if it will effect others.
> I'm trying to figure out why I'm getting a pile of cookie errors in my
> logs with libapreq2.
> Is it the library's fault, the browser's fault, or mine? Apologies for
> the wide post.
> This is what gets sent to my browser to set the cookie:
> Set-Cookie : SID=MxQdbX8AAAIAAC2SPdgAAAAA|3152a7bf6536e6e315d28 dc6b7af95b51929d2e0; path=/ UID=MxQdbX8AAAIAAC2SPdgAAAAA|3152a7bf6536e6e315d28 dc6b7af95b51929d2e0; path=/login; expires=Thu, 18-Dec-2008 18:56:14 GMT
> And here are examples of what is being sent back (as recorded in my logs
> by dumping $r->headers_in ):
> Normal response:
> ----------------
> 'Cookie' => 'UID=Kk6jHn8AAAIAAC2SPdcAAAAA|ed1a2362e0e16a67b621 27b1ffc2e210a9980007; SID=Kk6jHn8AAAIAAC2SPdcAAAAA|ed1a2362e0e16a67b6212 7b1ffc2e210a9980007'
> COOKIE ERROR: Expected token not present

I got this error before I started uri escaping/unescaping the values
that I put into/took out of the cookie.
I just used URI::Escape and haven't seen the error since.

I think there was some discussion earlier on this list which is why I
started doing it.

Hope that helps.

Take care,

Kurt Hansen