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Fred Moyer wrote:
> Peter Valdemar M=C3=B8rch wrote:
>> Hi,
>> Dmitry Karasik wrote:
>>> mod_perl during the initialization process closes file descriptor 0,
>>> and frees it for further reuse in other processes. Therefore, any cg=

>>> script
>>> executing after mod_perl is initialized, and in the same process tree=

>>> will
>>> have file descriptor 0 closed. The concrete example where this=20
>>> behavior leads
>>> to impossibility of processing POST requests is reported earlier and =

>>> is located
>>> at

>> Dmitry's patch from Sep 25, 2007=20
>> has still =

>> not been applied to SVN. May I humbly ask that this patch is applied?

> I remember that Toersten and I put together a unit test for this but I =

> don't think there was any change in behavior with this patch, so I'm no=

> sure if anyone was able to demonstrate that it changed the behavior.

It certainly breaks t/modperl/io_nested_with_closed_stds
[error] [client] Filehandle STDOUT reopened as STDIN only for i=
nput at t/response/TestModperl/ line 49.\n

> If you have the tuits and could track down that unit test, show that it=

> exercises the problem in question, we probably wouldn't need much else =

> to apply this patch. I'd try to do this but am overextended on my tuit=

> right now.

Yup, without a test case that correctly demonstrates the bug, and a patch=

that doesn't break existing tests, not very likely to get applied.

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