Thanks, good hint. I was thinking that myself overnight.

Here's the basic scenario:

I use the main request handler to generate XML. I have a framework that
allows me to glue together various sub-handlers (from my framework, not
Apache handlers) to add disparate data elements into the XML depending
on the context of the page.

Then I use an output filter to process the XML using XSLT. This
completely separates data from presentation. Works really well except
for my current issue. Seems like a reasonable use of the Apache 2.x
handler structure.

So I don't actually know whether the template exists until the output
filter. I don't want to pollute my data generation phase with checking
ahead for the template. I'm also not sure why Apache isn't detecting
that the template doesn't exist ... it should look like any other
servable resource.

So before I start messing with headers I think I'll look at the way my
configuration file is set up. Perhaps I'm doing something stupid there.
I'm using instead of (or whatever) to
configure the output filter ... maybe it's something like that.

Thanks again!

Adam Prime wrote:
> If you're using the bucket brigade API you'd have to intercept the
> headers and modify them there. You might have an easier time doing
> something like this using the stream API, but i don't really know, just
> taking a shot in the dark. I'd think that it's certainly possible
> though, somehow.
> That said you might be better served catching whatever situation is
> causing you to want to do this earlier in the request cycle and keeping
> the response phase from doing whatever it wants to do in the first place
> and just causing the 404 to happen then.
> Adam
> Marc M. Adkins wrote:
>>'s a bucket brigade FilterRequestHandler output filter. It
>> seems to not care what return code I use, whatever is in the bucket
>> brigade goes out. Can I not return Apache2::Const::NOT_FOUND from
>> handler()? That seems odd.
>> Marc M. Adkins wrote:
>>> I'm trying to cause a 404 error from an output filter and it isn't
>>> doing what I expect. Is this even possible?
>>> mma