At the address

I found the text below. Does anyone know if it is still true?

Squid and Apache were discarded because too heavy. I did not want another
performance hole in my already strained server.

Pound does not serve any content. Furthermore, it uses important quantities
of RAM and has limited documentation.

Perlbal does seem to lack documentation, as does Varnish, another otherwise
nice-looking piece of software. Maybe in the future...

Finally, Lighttpd is known for it's memory leaking, important number of bugs
and spotty documentation.

Update: I've discovered HAProxy, Pen and Balance so I've added them. Pen and
Balance seem to be simple TCP proxies, and thus not exactly what I'm looking
for. I added them for completeness. HAProxy looks nice though.

I've decided to use Nginx. It has all functionalities I was looking for, has
a very good reputation of stability, speed and scalability, relatively good
documentation and I was feeling adventurous. As I would see later, they also
have a very responsive mailing list.


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> On Nov 8, 2007, at 5:50 AM, Clinton Gormley wrote:
>> Pound ( is light-weight, easy to
>> configure, fast, stable, and makes the whole SSL and load balancing dead
>> easy.

> I can disagree -- nginx does everything that pound does, plus will handle
> your vanilla static files and even use fcgi to handle php and other stuff
> its heavenly