Boysenberry Payne wrote:
> If I created some of my static hashes and objects during the
> PerlPostConfigHandler phase
> and added them to either the configuration or log pools would that help
> me keep
> some of my memory shared, assuming I could get at either pool during the
> PerlResponseHandler?

I think you're overthinking it here and getting yourself confused.

> I have classes that create singleton objects with lots of static parts.
> Should I build these "constructs"
> on server post config so they're already built in the child processes as
> shared memory rather than
> building them in each child, increasing the non-shared memory use?

This is how this is typically done:

# in
use My::Constructs;

# in My/
package My::Constructs;
our @data = ();
# do something to build out your data structure...

Then in your application you can just access the data as
@My::Constructs::data and it will be shared by all your child processes
(assuming you don't modify it during a request).

Michael Peters
Plus Three, LP