Don't use Apache::SharedMem. It uses IPC::ShareLite, which is slow.

> Does memcached or Cache::FastMap work with apache's shared memory pool?

No, I don't think anyone has ever gotten that to work.

> In this situation if its possible (which it should be for my own
> modules) I would like
> the package symbol table and contents to be loaded into the shared
> server wide memory.

It's not possible. Perl allocates its own memory. You can't tell it
where it to put things. As discussed many times on the list,
copy-on-write helps with this on prefork systems. On threaded
systems, Perl shares the parsed code, but the symbol table is
duplicated for each thread, so it ends up using more memory than

You can read more about copy-on-write in the mod_perl docs or at and there is more discussion about threads and how
they affect memory in the list archives.

- Perrin