Hi folks,

Is it possible to get apache to log which modules are being called at
request stage?

If it is possible that should pinpoint my problem - if it's not
possible, read on...

I appear to have a subrequest being generated in some cases between my
fixup handler and response handler. My fixup handler is returning
DECLINED or OK (same with either). Logically this means another fixup
handler is making the subrequest for some reason.

I can't seem to narrow down where it's coming from, but have noticed if
I strip down my handlers while trying to make a test case for this
issue, it stops.

The bizarre thing is that the subrequest is for a URL I don't believe
I'm generating anywhere - eg.

1. do Fixup for /image/12345/something.gif (return OK or DECLINE -
doesn't matter which)
2. (other modules fixup handlers run because fixup is RUN_ALL)
3. do Trans for subrequest /something.gif
4. do MapToStorage, Access, Authen, Authz, Type, and Fixup for
/something.gif (not Response!)
5. do Response for /image/12345/something.gif

(note that I'm only hooked into Trans, MapToStorage, Access, Authen,
Authz, Type, Fixup, Response)

I'm running a fairly standard Ubuntu install of 2.0.55 and mp2bug
reports 2.000002, but I'm not sure if it's mod_perl causing this - seems
more likely another handler.

I'm logging using Log::Log4perl, and have done some tests to see if
buffering was making the log messages appear in the wrong order, but
it's all being done in the same process and seems to be in time order.

Modules enabled are: apreq cgi dav_fs dav dav_svn deflate headers perl
php5 rewrite suexec userdir.

mod_deflate is in use but the problem happens without it too.

It's not happening using the same code on a Fedora Core installation
(Apache 2.2.0, mp 2.000002).

I'm going to try disabling various bits and modules.

Is this obvious to anyone?