On 10/17/07, neelike@gmail.com wrote:
> We are getting some responses from a html page and
> filtering the content accoding to our
> requirement.

Do you mean you're getting dynamic content from running a program, or
that you're just reading an HTML page? Static HTML pages never set
headers of any kind.

> Through mozilla(Live HTTP Headers), we used to check the
> location headers.

Only redirects have a Location header. What is sending the redirect?

> So we use this line to fetch the location header,
> my $location = $r->headers_out->get('Location');
> Then we used the warn stt to display the $location as
> warn ('LOCATION is $location");
> But it doesn't yield anything.Does it mean that the
> location header is not parsing through the .pm file?

It sounds like there is no Location header, which is how it should be
unless some dynamic code generated a redirect response.

- Perrin