On 10/16/07, Mark Maunder wrote:
> This server has no proxy in front of it and only serves mod_perl
> requests. Static content is loaded from another server with a
> different hostname.

Even so, if you run prefork, you need a proxy server. The reason is
explained in detail here:

In short, running a proxy will usually lower the number of mod_perl
processes needed significantly.

> I had keepalive enabled with a 2 second timeout on
> this server until a few seconds ago.

That should be fine in worker mode, where the threads don't hold the
perl interpreter while they wait for the lingering close, but with
prefork mode you should only do this on the proxy server.

> Also, I'm using mod_deflate which means I can spare some
> bandwidth.

That could also go on the proxy server.

- Perrin