> Team,
> migration:
> We are trying to move away from apache(nigrating from)
> to sun java webserver 6.x verison.
> Problem:
> In the above migration the apache web server has a mod
> perl used for Authenticaton with a tcp/ip server
> (written in java).

I don't understand what the role of the tcp/ip server written in java is
here. Are you saying that you had an apache server as a proxy with
authenticate that forwarded traffic to a java based server?

If you can explain more about your migration here we can be of more help.

> No we come to know that we cannot run mod perl in sun
> java web server.?

That's correct, mod_perl depends on Apache's API and is coded to the
Apache API.

If there is a reason that you are migrating to java web server (i.e.
something apache/mod_perl can't do), please let us know and we'll do our
best to help you.

> Is that the truth I cannot accept it.

It's the truth.

> Pl let me know , If the truth is reality whats
> alternative with mimimum impact to our migration.