I may have missed some data earlier in this thread but, a few questions:

It sounds like you're trying to use a mod_perl handler to read the
location header from the client? Why are you doing this if your
objective is to redirect the client to another page. Shouldn't you be
sending the client a redirect header instead?

Unless I've missed something.


On 10/16/07, neelike@gmail.com wrote:
> Hi Perrin
> Thanks for your reply.
> We are getting some responses from a html page and
> filtering the content accoding to our
> requirement.
> Through mozilla(Live HTTP Headers), we used to check the
> location headers.
> We need to redirect the location to some other page.
> we need to display the location header through warn... ie
> in order to ensure whether the
> header is parsing correctly in the perl module..
> So we use this line to fetch the location header,
> my $location = $r->headers_out->get('Location');
> Then we used the warn stt to display the $location as
> warn ('LOCATION is $location");
> But it doesn't yield anything.Does it mean that the
> location header is not parsing through the .pm file?
> Can u help me how to tackle this issue?