After receiving some feedback from people about my Apache2 auto-minification
filters for JS/CSS, and seeing that the only issue people seemed to have was
that the underlying minifiers weren't terribly fast, I've gone ahead and have
rebuilt them using XS.

I've also updated the Apache2 filters themselves so that they now prefer to
use these XS versions if they're available, but fallback to the pure-Perl
ones if they're not.

Doing some "dumb testing" here and just running things through locally, I've
seen anywhere from a 100-250x speedup in using these XS versions.

If you had -any- performance issues with the previous versions of these
filters, I recommend testing out these XS based minifiers and seeing if they
work better for you.


Give them a few hours to propogate, and you'll find them over at:


Any/all feedback is appreciated; its been a while since I wrote anything using
XS and I'd like to make sure that it builds/compiles properly for people.

Graham TerMarsch
Howling Frog Internet Development, Inc.