On 10/15/07, jk jk wrote:
> Sorry, 1 server under which all developers run a separate copy of the app
> using their own URI.

I think you have your answer then: run a separate server for each
developer. That's what I consider the "normal" way to do it, and it's
easy. You don't even need to install separate binaries -- just start
the server with a custom httpd.conf specifying the port or IP to use.

I think it's even better when each developer runs their own server on
their own machine, but that's not necessary for fixing your current

There are some other things you could try for running a different @INC
per VirtualServer with mod_perl 2, which you'll find in the mail
archives. I find it a lot more convenient to have an actual separate
server so you can restart it when you need to. (Apache2::Reload is
not perfect, since Perl really has no way to reload a module.)

- Perrin