I am running a perl email sending engine ( which delivers 50K+ emails
per hour )
Anyways this system is made up of various daemons connecting to each other.

Well my problem is that we have a client connecting to a server to
retrieve emails ( 50K every hour ).

Well my problem is happening about once a day.
Here it is: I have place print statements in our client and our server
ends and the server is responding and the client is requesting emails,
but the request is never delivered to the client ( via a tcp socket ). I
have put trace statements right before where the server sends data to
the socket so I know the server is sending it there, bu the client never
receives the data. I think I have enough memory on the machine and I am
not leaking that.

Funny thing is that when I telnet to the socket it seems to accept my

Any ideas greatly appreciated? Any limits on the data sockets can
accept or how long a socket can be available?
Thanks so much!!