Perrin Harkins wrote:
> On 10/13/07, John ORourke wrote:
>> My simple CMS has become a bit of a behemoth, and I want to complete its
>> transformation into Optimus Prime by allowing my developers to write
>> plug-in modules in PHP, Java etc.

> The PHP and PHP::Include modules on CPAN already allow this. Is it a
> good idea to mix multiple languages like this? I would say it's a
> messy, complicated idea that will likely end in tears. But it's there
> if you really want to do it.

PHP::Interpreter seems to be perfect for the job, thanks for the pointer.

The rough plan is that this will allow me to sell my CMS to design
houses whose most technical staff have just tinkered with PHP, and have
heard the term "Perl" but never "mod_perl". They'll write some simple
logic with it, until they need something more complex, at which point we
can coach them in the Way of Perl.