Michael Peters wrote:
> I'm using Apache::TestMB to test a distribution of mine. I haven't done much
> work on it lately, but I've recently re-installed everything on a new machine
> and needed to do some work on it today.
> So I make sure httpd, httpd-devel and mod_perl are all installed as well as
> Apache::Test (which passed it's test suite). But now when I run my test suite I
> get prompted by this:
> Skip the test suite? [No]
> If I accept the default or type "No" it just quits without any message as to
> why. If I type in "Yes" then it exits with this message:
> [ error] Skipping the test suite execution, while returning success status
> Any ideas why it's not running any tests when it should be?

Most likely it can't find your httpd, take a look at skip_test_suite in
Apache/TestRun.pm. What was the output printed before the "Skip ..." above

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