I don't know if it's any help to anyone but if it is,
it seems the reason the usual redirect didn't work for me as it should, was
due to screen output after the redirect command

$r->headers_out->set(Location => '../index.pl');

# Print qq ( test ); # not a good idea

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On 10/6/07, Eli Shemer wrote:
> $r->headers_out->set("Refresh"=>"0;url=index.pl");
> $r->headers_out;
> return Apache2::Const::OK;
> this method seems to be the best solution for me since
> 1. it works
> 2. I rather send an OK signal since it's not an actual warning/error but a
> valid redirect as part of the system.

There's no reason to avoid using a normal redirect in this case. It's
not an error and will not be written to the error_log. I'm not sure
all browsers will honor this trick you're using, but they definitely
will work with a standard 302 response.

- Perrin