I'm in the process of shifting some old mod_perl1 code over to
Apache2.2 and mod_perl2. Part of it is using Apache::LogFile to write
to a custom log. Well.. actually, it pipes the data to a little script
that collects up lines and forks off processes to deal with them when
it's got a handful (it gets hit a couple of million times per day, and
processing them one by one isn't particularly efficient). But that's
not entirely relevant, I suppose.

As far as I can tell, Apache::LogFile was never ported to mp2, and I
can't find anything that will let me define my own logfile. The
Apache::LogFile solution was very convenient, as it shuts down and
restarts the collector script with the daemon, but as my C skills are
practically non-existent, I doubt very much I'd be able to port it
myself, so I'm looking for an alternative.

Ideally, I want a single filehandle that will be opened and closed
when Apache starts up and shuts down, that I can write to from a
handler, but I'm not really sure where to start. Can anyone point me
in the right direction?