Ok, I decided to upgrade my Apache to see if that would fix things.

I installed 2.2.4, and I was getting the same error as originally
reported... but more often.
Then, I upgraded to 2.2.6 from the Apachelounge... and now I'm getting
an error.

The error is as follows:

[Tue Oct 09 08:50:20 2007] [error] [client] failed to
resolve handler `ModPerl::Registry': Can't load
'X:/perl/5.8.8/site/lib/auto/Apache2/RequestRec/RequestRec.dll' for
module Apache2::RequestRec: load_file:The specified procedure could not
be found at X:/perl/5.8.8/lib/XSLoader.pm line 64.\n at
X:/perl/5.8.8/site/lib/Apache2/XSLoader.pm line 31\nCompilation failed
in require at X:/perl/5.8.8/site/lib/ModPerl/RegistryCooker.pm line
32.\nBEGIN failed--compilation aborted at
X:/perl/5.8.8/site/lib/ModPerl/RegistryCooker.pm line 32.\nCompilation
failed in require at (eval 5) line 3.\n\t...propagated at
X:/perl/5.8.8/lib/base.pm line 91.\nBEGIN failed--compilation aborted at
X:/perl/5.8.8/site/lib/ModPerl/Registry.pm line 26.\nCompilation failed
in require at (eval 4) line 3.\n

I did do a fresh install of ModPerl 2.0.3, and I've seen similar "failed
to resolve handler" messages on the web... but nothing like this.

Any suggestions/thoughts!

Thanks again,

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To: Ian G. Tyndall
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On Thu, 4 Oct 2007, Ian G. Tyndall wrote:

> Oh the problems come and go so quickly!
> I've got one cgi script that always crashes apache. The error log=20
> gives the following message:
> [Thu Oct 04 11:38:29 2007] [crit] (22)Invalid argument: Parent: Failed

> to create the child process.
> [Thu Oct 04 11:38:29 2007] [crit] (OS 6)The handle is invalid. :
> master_main: create child process failed. Exiting.
> [Thu Oct 04 11:38:29 2007] [notice] Parent: Forcing termination of=20
> child process 2474288
> Other scripts run fine... so what would be the best way of debugging=20
> this.
> I'm in the process of commenting out modules/code, but no luck so

> any recommendations?
> I'm using mod_perl 2.0.3, perl 5.8.8, apache 2.0.59 on a Windows 2003=20
> server.
> Thanks,
> Ian

Is this a cgi script, or a mod_perl registry script?
Although the log messages are generic, similar messages appear when one
tries to restart apache with mod_perl enabled - if it's a cgi script,
does commenting out the loading of mod_perl.so help?

As for tracking down the problem, reducing it to a minimal version will
help. If you can do this, and don't see the problem, try posting it to
the list here. Also, trying some of the debugging tips suggested in the
may help, along with installing
to help in the crash analysis.

best regards,