On Mon, 13 Nov 2006 10:22:51 -0500
Tom Weber wrote:

> Are there any ways to implement persistent connections to different
> databases under one instance of Apache? From my reading of
> Apache:BI and from some of my testing it appears that this can not
> be done. Here is what I want to do. Server1 is running multiple
> named based virtual hosts. Each of the database run on different
> servers.
> server1 (app1) -> db1
> server1 (app2) -> db2
> server1 (app3) -> db3
> The most important and most used application connects to db1 and is
> running fine under apache and apache::dbi, but there are some smaller
> apps that we tried to bundle into this environment that need to
> connect to other servers running different database instances.

There isn't any reason you can't do this with Apache:BI. It will
pool connections based on the full connect string.

> I don't want to eliminate apache::dbi and just use dbi. I don't want
> to get new machines to handle these smaller apps. I don't think I can
> have multiple instances of apache on a single Linux server, but am
> not sure.

Just an FYI, but yes you can run multiple Apaches on a single
system. It's done all the time.

Frank Wiles