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Kevin Appel wrote:
> Is anyone using the Apache::AuthDBI package? I am currently using version
> 1.04 and Im confused about the DEBUG entry in the code, specifically the
> debug function. By default, the DEBUG is set to 0 which means there is no
> debugging, 1 will show cache hits, and 2 is full blown debugging.

> the comparision function inside the debug function will never allow the
> DEBUG 1 to be set correctly, and to have no debugging, the debug value

> to be sent higher than 2.
> Inside the, I have changed the following:
> sub debug {
> print STDERR "$_[1]\n" if $_[0] >= $Apache::AuthDBI:EBUG;
> }
> to
> sub debug {
> print STDERR "$_[1]\n" if $_[0] <= $Apache::AuthDBI:EBUG;
> }

Yes, you are absolutely correct.

Committed revision 8059.

At some point it will be in 1.06, but I'd like to get some dev time in


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