Okay maybe I should start with some thing more basic like figuring out
what mod_perl I am really using?.

I am using mod_perl 1.99_16 (it's the one that came with centos 4.3)

It seems that this is mod_perl 2.

I am reading the documentation at http://perl.apache.org/docs/2.0/user..._E_gt_request_

They mention Apache2::compat and other Apache2::* that I do not have

use Apache2::RequestUtil ();

I get this message Can't locate Apache2/RequestUtil.pm in @INC...

And a locate for RequestUtil.pm results in only this answer

So can some one explain what I am doing wrong? I though I have mod_perl
2 and not mod_perl 1. But why am I missing those Apache2 .pm files?

I have a feeling I am in between versions? But Embedded perl works fine,
and it uses mod perl. But I can't get any example to work properly.

I hope some one can shed some light on this.


Hans de Groot