On Fri, 2006-11-10 at 14:24 +0100, Michael Frankl wrote:
> I cleaned up the perl-installation. There where directories
> under /usr/lib/perl5 from previous perl installations. I deleted them
> all. I deleted the Scalar::Util that is not from main distribution. Now
> I got the same error running the catalyst standalone server, complaining
> that weak references are not implemented in this version of perl.

Okay, at least you know for sure that they were using different modules
then. You might want to talk to whoever maintains Perl for Gentoo about
fixing that.

> Now i installed Scalar::Util again via CPAN. Catalyst Standalone-Server
> is running again, mod_perl fails. They use the same Module. I checked
> this by printing a warn from the module.

Very strange. See what they each have in %INC for Scalar::Util.

> What I am not sure of is what
> about the xs that is used. I found some hints while googling that this
> error occurres if the XS-Version is not installed. But I have no idea
> how to go on. Any idea?

The XS version is what I would expect you to get when you compile it.
Looking at the code, it seems like it gives a different error when you
don't have it.

If both of them use the same module, I'm at a loss for what could be
going on. I don't think mod_perl could change the behavior of this
module, so I still believe it has something to do with loading a
different version of the module or a different perl lib, but your
investigations seem to show dead ends there.

Sorry, I'm not sure what to suggest for your next step. Maybe contact
the author of Scalar::Util. Or maybe recompile your system perl so it
will support weak refs without installing a separate module.

- Perrin