Am Donnerstag, den 09.11.2006, 13:48 -0500 schrieb Perrin Harkins:
> > So that means, that mod_perl is not compiled with the same perl as is
> > used by the standalone server!?

> Yes, I don't know any way to disable weak references without recompiling
> Scalar::Util, which is part of the main distribution. It is possible
> that you installed a second version of Scalar::Util, which is in @INC in
> one case and not the other. Check your system for multiple copies of
> Scalar/Util.pm.

I cleaned up the perl-installation. There where directories
under /usr/lib/perl5 from previous perl installations. I deleted them
all. I deleted the Scalar::Util that is not from main distribution. Now
I got the same error running the catalyst standalone server, complaining
that weak references are not implemented in this version of perl.

Now i installed Scalar::Util again via CPAN. Catalyst Standalone-Server
is running again, mod_perl fails. They use the same Module. I checked
this by printing a warn from the module. What I am not sure of is what
about the xs that is used. I found some hints while googling that this
error occurres if the XS-Version is not installed. But I have no idea
how to go on. Any idea?