On Nov 1, 2006, at 11:32 AM, Neville Aga wrote:

> Hello, I have a existing website which I am looking to add in a
> piece for users to sign up for accounts. I am searching around
> Google and I find a few scripts mentioned - account manager /
> account manager lite from site interactive (last update 2001), a
> package called burp Basic User Registration Package, which seems to
> be dead links now, and Membership manager pro from perlwebsite.com.
> Does anyone have any experice or recommendations on these or any
> other (perl) scripts that automate the process of signup, approval
> (ideally credit card approval with authorize.net), email out lost
> passwords, etc?
> What I am hoping for is a form based login which sets a cookie on
> the users browser. When the user clicks the signup button, there
> would be a form to enter an email, password and credit card info.
> If the credit card goes through then the account is created. I
> don't want to go out and re-invent this if good scripts already
> exist. Hopefully this is not too off topic and someone reading this
> has experice with these scripts or other scripts and can give me a
> suggestion where to look.

This is a mod_perl list, not perl

You'd get a lot better answers asking (or searching) on http://
perlmonks.org -- they deal with generalized perl questions.