I tend to use 2.0 where I need subversion or PHP (which ship with 2.0
modules only) and 2.2 everywhere else... I personally find the naming a
bit tricky (2-2.2). and would frankly rather see the modules called
mod_perl20 (or mod_perl2.0) and mod_perl/libapreq22/2.2; I'd rather type
the couple of extra chars and always know what I'm installing without
needing to look up the most current naming scheme.


Randy Kobes wrote:
> I'd like to get a sense from Win32 ppm users of mod_perl
> and/or libapreq2 about the following. Right now in our
> http://theoryx5.uwinnipeg.ca/ppms/
> ppm repository, there's ppm packages for mod_perl
> and libapreq2. The ones compatible with Apache/2.0 are
> called mod_perl and libapreq2, respectively, while
> those for Apache/2.2 are mod_perl-2.2 and libapreq2-2.2,
> respectively. What I'm wondering is, if Apache/2.2
> is by now mostly used, should I switch the names:
> mod_perl and libapreq2 for Apache/2.2, and
> mod_perl-2.0 and libapreq-2.0 for Apache/2.0?
> Thoughts?