> You ought to test if the file is really open first, and you will hopefully
> get a more helpful error message:
> open(LOGFILE, ">>junk.log") or die "Cannot open logfile, $!";

Good suggestion; so I add the "die" and I get the error:

*** Cannot open log file, Permission denied at /var/www/cgi-bin/test.pl...

Which certainly confirms my theory:

> It would appear that, under Apache, perl's io system has been constrained,
> disabled, broken, or ??

Note the folder and file permissions are wide open; so I would next expect
that the unix fs is *not* the one that is complaining...

So is there some kind of mod_perl/Apache setting that is unique to the RH
Enterprise Linux 4 (vs RH WS 4) ?

Again, I compared the httpd.conf and perl.conf are identical on the 2