Apache 2.0.52
Perl 5.8.5

I have 2 systems running identical perl software. One system is RedHat
Enterprise Linux 4, and the other is RedHat WS Linux 4.

The only issue that I am currently dealing with is the (in)ability to open
an existing log file in the folder /var/log from a .pl script:

open (LOGFILE, ">>junk.log") ;

Ea print on LOGFILE results in the error:

....print() on closed filehandle LOGFILE at /var/www/cgi-bin/test.pl ....

The "WS" system has no problems writing to LOGFILE , whereas the enterprise
system fails.

The /var/log folder permissions are wide open, as well as the permissions of
the log file itself;

Nor can I write to /tmp/junk.log, or ./junk.log ...

Yet I can use perl to write to a file when I log into the the system as a
normal user:
%perl -W
open (LOG, ">>/var/log/junk.log");
print LOG "this is a test\n" ;

---and this works just as expected.

It would appear that, under Apache, perl's io system has been constrained,
disabled, broken, or ??

I've compared the httpd.conf, and perl.conf files, and they are identical;

Googling has not been very helpful; found some discussion about
"perlio-enabled", but that appears to be related to some "APR" sub module.
(havent got a clue what that is!)

Can anyone offer a clue? Is there a configuration setting that addresses