I understood from the documentation that if I put "use Apache2::Reload" ins=
ide my modules, that would work as the key for Apache2::Reload to reload on=
ly that module?=0A=0AThanks, I will try the ReloadDebug to see what it is d=
oing. =0A=0AShould I not have the "use Apache2::Reload" in the top of my m=
odule? Is that why I am getting the error on my return OK call?=0A=0A-----=
Original Message ----=0AFrom: Philippe M. Chiasson =
=0ATo: Michael Greenish =0ACc: modperl@perl.apache.org=
=0ASent: Friday, October 20, 2006 7:31:13 PM=0ASubject: Re: apache2::reload=
causing 500 errors on return statement=0A=0AMichael Greenish wrote:=0A> I =
also had to make the follow addition to my config file:=0A> =0A> Pe=
rlInitHandler Apache2::Reload=0A> PerlSetVar ReloadAll Off=0A=0AWit=
h PerlSetVar ReloadAll Off, Apache2::Reload will _not_ reload anything by d=
efault.=0AYou have to tell it specifically what to try and reload with some=
thing like:=0A=0APerlSetVar ReloadModules "MyModule::* Foo::*"=0A=0A> I nev=
er figured out how to check if it was actually picking up changes on its ow=
n.=0A=0APerlSetVar ReloadDebug On=0A=0AWill give you great details as to wh=
at gets reloaded and when.=0A=0A-------------------------------------------=
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