Another tip:

Once you've compiled mod_perl2 statically with a series of commands
that look something like this:

tar -zxf mod_perl-2.0-current.tar.gz; tar -zxvf httpd-2.2.3.tar.gz;
cd mod_perl-2.0.2/;
perl Makefile.PL MP_USE_STATIC=1 MP_AP_PREFIX=../httpd-2.2.3/
MP_AP_CONFIGURE="--prefix=/usr/local/apache2 --with-mpm=worker
--with-devrandom=/dev/urandom --enable-rewrite --enable-deflate
--enable-proxy --enable-expires --enable-proxy-http";
make -j8;
make install;

DONT cd back into the apache source directory and do a 'make install'.
If you do, you're going to get an error when you try to compile
libapreq2 later on complaining about not being able to find apxs.

Hope it doesn't bug the guru's I'm braindumping random snippets like
this. I spent a bit of time on Google and the list archives with these
issues to no avail, so hopefully this helps someone else.

Also... Is there a mod_perl wiki for brain dumps like these?

On 10/19/06, Mark Maunder wrote:
> Hi all,
> This was going to be a post asking for help but I just solved it. If
> you're building mod_perl2 statically and get:
> "Can't find apr include/ directory"
> and it's driving you nuts because you're untarring a clean mod_perl, a
> clean httpd, and you're making no reference to any existing
> directories on the machine so it couldn't possibly be getting confused
> by stuff that's already installed.... well think again. I had an
> existing installation under /usr/local/apache2/ and as soon as I
> trashed it mod_perl2 compiled just fine.
> mod_perl-2.0.2
> httpd-2.2.3
> CentOS 4.2
> Regards,
> Mark.

Mark Maunder