Hello all. First post from a mod_perl newbie ...

I have a website (www.example.org) and a blog (blog.example.org), which are
both hosted on the same server and I believe are running under the same
instance of Apache (1.3.37). The OS is freeBSD 4.9.

Specifically, on the website, I have a static HTML file where I need to
include content from the blog, which is dynamically generated. Normally for
including content, I use a virtual include, but since the content is from a
different site, I'm under the impression this method won't work. Thus, I've
tried this:

While this works, I'm told this is probably one of the most "expensive" ways
to accomplish this. Is this true? Can anyone recommend another method?

Also, would it be possible to setup www.example.org/blog/ in a way where a
virtual include would work?

Thanks in advance,



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