>> I use it every day and it works great for me. If you could post the
>> relevant section of httpd.conf where you configure Apache2::Reload ( in
>> addition to the lines above), I'm sure we could help you out.

> I don't have any other entries in my httpd.conf file for Apache2::Reload.
> As I read the documentation, I didn't need any more. I understood those
> in the config then include "use Apache2::Reload;" in my modules and that
> was it. What am I missing?

Here's what my config looks like:

# Apache::Reload for development.
PerlModule Apache2::Reload
PerlInitHandler Apache2::Reload
PerlSetVar ReloadAll On
PerlSetVar ReloadModules "My::*"

I've found this to work pretty much trouble free. I was using
PerlSetVar ReloadDirectories '/my/project/lib' but it seemed to not be
behaving exactly as I expected, and I didn't spend the time to track down
why unfortunately.

You can also set this variable to see exactly what modules are getting

PerlSetVar ReloadDebug On