> I also had to make the follow addition to my config file:=0A>=0A> =
PerlInitHandler Apache2::Reload=0A> PerlSetVar ReloadAll Off=0A>=0A>=
I never figured out how to check if it was actually picking up changes =0A=
> on its own.=0A>=0A> For now, I have reverted to not using Apache2::Reload=

, which is kind=0A> of a shame since I am still in the development stages o=
f my application.=0A=0AI use it every day and it works great for me. If yo=
u could post the =0Arelevant section of httpd.conf where you configure Apac=
he2::Reload ( in=0Aaddition to the lines above), I'm sure we could help you=
out.=0A=0A- Fred=0A=0A=0A=0AI don't have any other entries in my httpd.con=
f file for Apache2::Reload. As I read the documentation, I didn't need any=
more. I understood those in the config then include "use Apache2::Reload;=
" in my modules and that was it. What am I missing?=0A=0A- greanie=0A=0A=