On Wed, 2006-10-18 at 15:30 +0530, khan.sajid@wipro.com wrote:

> SSLRequireSSL
> SetHandler perl-script
> PerlHandler Apache::Hello
> PerlSetVar somevar1 1
> PerlSetVar somevar2 2
> PerlSetVar somevar3 3
> PerlSetVar somevar4 4

All of that looks fine.

> In the handler Hello, I was able to read all the variables set using
> PerlSetVar in apache 1.3 however in apache 2.0 (mod_perl 2) I am
> getting blank(null) whenever I read the values from Handler using
> ( $r->dir_config('somevar1') etc) Can you please let me know
> possibilies where it could go wrong, I searched the web but with no
> great help.

Most likely you are not actually in the Location block that you think
you're in. There's probably something wrong with another part of your
conf file which is preventing the request from actually being handled by
this block.

- Perrin