I also had to make the follow addition to my config file:=0A=0A Perl=
InitHandler Apache2::Reload=0A PerlSetVar ReloadAll Off=0A=0AI never=
figured out how to check if it was actually picking up changes on its own.=
=0A=0AFor now, I have reverted to not using Apache2::Reload, which is kind =
of a shame since I am still in the development stages of my application.=0A=
=0Agreanie=0A=0A----- Original Message ----=0AFrom: Jonathan Vanasco sco@2xlp.com>=0ATo: modperl mod_perl =0ASent: Wedn=
esday, October 18, 2006 3:00:43 PM=0ASubject: Re: apache2::reload causing 5=
00 errors on return statement=0A=0A=0AOn Oct 18, 2006, at 10:59 AM, Michael=
Greenish wrote:=0A=0A> Hello,=0A>=0A> I just added apache2::reload to conf=
ig & handlers, classes, =0A> packages for my application. However, everyw=
here I have "return =0A> OK", I get an error:=0A>=0A> "Not a CODE referenc=
e at /http/greanie/IndexHandler.pm on ..."=0A>=0A> and request returns the =
page and a 500 error (in browser, I see =0A> rendered page plus 500 error =
at bottom). Can I not use =0A> Apache2::Reload in the handler?=0A=0A=0Ai'=
ve never had that issue...=0A=0Abut i just did a check on the Apache2::Relo=
ad, and it seems to not =0Apick up any changes I make to the handler. I n=
ever noticed that =0Abefore ( i tend to just use it to dispatch to other m=
odules)=0A=0Atried it on osx, ubuntu and freebsd - same results.=0A=0A=0A=