> I could understand the ignoring the SIGHUP that "restart" sends, if
> something in your code was ignoring signals. The safe
> signals stuff in
> perl 5.8+ can be an issue there. I can't understand ignoring kill
> signals though. =20

well, meanwhile I found out:

kill -HUP=20

works fine. However, "apachectl restart" which is the same
as "httpd -k restart" does not.

> Have you tried running it through strace, to
> make sure
> it is sending the signals?

no , not yet.

> So if you send the kill yourself, it does stop? And what do
> you mean by
> "won't start up again"? What happens when you try?

yes. It does stop and vanishes completely from "ps ax".
If I then try to fire it up again with either "httpd -k start"
or "apachectl start" NOTHING happens. It just hangs.


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