Hi Jonathan,

> You should never "apachectl restart" under mod perl
> You must always "apachectl stop" , wait , "apachectl start"

oops, I didn't know that. I have always done it with
"apachectl restart" until now, and never had any trouble with it.
Note though: apachectl is just a bash script which does a simple
"/usr/sbin/httpd -k restart". Is this still a problem?

On a different machine e.g. it works fine, without even the
problems restarting after a time.

> when you restart, you end up cloning a lot of memory-- MP2
> isn't very
> good at tearing out the old stuff. On my machines, I'll see an mp2
> process go from 90-180-270-360 mb if i restart 3 times.

Really?? I have never seen something like that. My server has been
running for 42 days now, with maybe 10 "apachectl restarts"=20
since the last reboot, and the biggest httpd is still only 44 MB.
At the moment only 3.8 GB of the available 4 GB are occupied.
That's pretty normal for this server.

> That *might* have someting to do with your issue. I don't know if
> you restarted before it would freeze or not.

yes I did.
> read up on
> http://perl.apache.org/docs/general/...l/control.html
> There are ~5 sections on restarting in there

I read this article. And I got some help from it, because the
kill -HUP works fine for me. The module changes are loaded and
I don't need to perform a reboot anymore. That's very good!!

Still, I find it strange, that a usual "httpd -k restart" does not work.

I just had to reboot my machine. But before this I tried
"kill -TERM " on the apache. The httpd was completely shut down,
but unfortunately, then I couldn't start it up again.
When typing "httpd -k start" or "apachectl start": nothing
happening, no logs, no info, nothing.

So I just could reboot... and now everything works fine again.
If I remove the "LoadModule mod_perl" from the httpd.conf however,
the apache can start. That's why , I believe it got something todo
with mod_perl.


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