On Tue, 2006-10-17 at 08:54 +0200, Henrik Steffen wrote:
> This works fine in the first couple of days (sometimes
> weeks) after a reboot but then suddenly I am no longer able to
> perform a normal "apachectl restart". After entering this command
> actually nothing happens. The command execution just
> hangs with no visible result. The number of apache
> processes does not decrease at all. After minutes of waiting
> I can just hit CTRL-C.
> Even "apachectl -k stop" leads to the same result.

I could understand the ignoring the SIGHUP that "restart" sends, if
something in your code was ignoring signals. The safe signals stuff in
perl 5.8+ can be an issue there. I can't understand ignoring kill
signals though. Have you tried running it through strace, to make sure
it is sending the signals?

> I could of course "killall" the apache processes brutally, but
> even then I can't do "apachectl start". The server won't
> start up again!

So if you send the kill yourself, it does stop? And what do you mean by
"won't start up again"? What happens when you try?

- Perrin