On Oct 17, 2006, at 2:54 AM, Henrik Steffen wrote:

> This works fine in the first couple of days (sometimes
> weeks) after a reboot but then suddenly I am no longer able to
> perform a normal "apachectl restart". After entering this command
> actually nothing happens. The command execution just

You should never "apachectl restart" under mod perl

You must always "apachectl stop" , wait , "apachectl start"

when you restart, you end up cloning a lot of memory-- MP2 isn't very
good at tearing out the old stuff. On my machines, I'll see an mp2
process go from 90-180-270-360 mb if i restart 3 times.

That *might* have someting to do with your issue. I don't know if
you restarted before it would freeze or not.

read up on


There are ~5 sections on restarting in there