Hi Henrik,

is this a remote machine administrated via ssh/telnet/etc.
and with nobody typing on the keyboard?


Henrik Steffen schrieb:
> Hello all,
> I am using Apache 2.0.59 on Linux with mod_perl 2.0.2
> in a productive enviornment, with intense usage of perl-scripts.
> If changes to the perl-scripts are necessary
> I'll sometimes have to restart the apache webserver
> to make use of the changed modules etc.
> This works fine in the first couple of days (sometimes
> weeks) after a reboot but then suddenly I am no longer able to
> perform a normal "apachectl restart". After entering this command
> actually nothing happens. The command execution just
> hangs with no visible result. The number of apache
> processes does not decrease at all. After minutes of waiting
> I can just hit CTRL-C.
> Even "apachectl -k stop" leads to the same result.
> I could of course "killall" the apache processes brutally, but
> even then I can't do "apachectl start". The server won't
> start up again!
> The only thing I can do to activate my module-changes
> at the moment, is a complete reboot of the machine,
> which is not such a Good Thing (TM).
> If I didn't need to restart the apache-server for the
> modules sake, I wouldn't bother at all, because the server
> is running completely fine all the time. The only
> thing not working is the apache restarts (but this only happens
> as I said before, after a few days or sometimes weeks)
> I used to think that this had something to do with mod_perl 1.99
> which I have been using until recently. But now - after the upgrade
> to 2.0.2 - I am still encountering the same problem.
> Anyone ever experienced this?
> Any ideas what to do, or how to debug any further, or how to solve this?
> Help appreciated!
> Thank you,
> --
> Kind regards
> Henrik Steffen

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