On Mon, 16 Oct 2006, Devin Austin wrote:

> Hey everyone,
> i'm brand new to this, so bear with me:
> I'm trying to install mod_perl under
> strawberry-perl-5.8.8-alpha-2.exe,
> windows xp pro, and apache 2.2,3. I've extracted the mod_perl package into
> C:\, and i've cd'd to the directory and done "perl Makefile.pl". it asks for
> apxs, which i don't have, and so i just hit enter like it says to do if you
> don't have apxs installed. That goes through and seems to be error free,
> however when using dmake to try and continue the process, i get this error:
> dmake: Error: -- Incomplete rule recipe group detected.
> I'm not incredibly familiar with strawberry perl, last time i tried
> installing mod_perl i was using ActiveState and i just used PPM. I
> obviously can't do that now, so I'm a bit lost. Anyone have any ideas?

There's more than likely some assumptions made about
using nmake on Win32. I'm not that familiar with
dmake - where did the error occur?

Were you successful in building Apache with your set-up?

best regards,
Randy Kobes